March 21, 2017
 In less than three days’ time I will be back to school. I should have resumed last week but I just didn't feel up to it, some might call this laziness but I call it………well I don’t know what I call it but definitely not laziness. Lol. To be honest this has been my most relaxed and stress-free holiday. I really needed this holiday because my last semester exams were not beans at all; I can still feel part of the stress from the exams.

I am not really a ‘going out’ kind of girl, partly because I literally have no cool friend that I would want to hang out with here in Port Harcourt and mostly because my parents never let me out of the house because, in their own words ‘PH is not a safe place, you can get kidnapped or worse raped and I do not have money to pay for your ransom and if you get raped and God forbid you get pregnant there is no way on earth I would let you abort it’. So that’s how I spent 80% of my holiday at home glued to the television watching Big Brother Naija (don’t even get me started on BBN because I could literally tell you everything that goes on in that house. I am all #TeamTboss even though I have this gut feeling that she is leaving the house this week) and the remaining 20% was spent going to church and to the mall with my friends.

This holiday has been the most unproductive and most relaxing holiday ever and I loved it because that’s what holidays are about; not doing anything, and sleeping so much that you wake up tired because of excess sleep. I will definitely miss sleeping by two am and waking up by eleven am and then sleeping again by three pm every day and I sure will miss the food even though I tried my best at first not to eat too much, but who am I kidding, everybody knows I eat when I am bored and relaxed (I need to work on this because this is the wide road to love handles and obesity). Oh well, that’s all for now, I really need to go to bed now because I am going shopping for school tomorrow and it’s going to be stressful but I love that kind of stress because I get to have lots of new stuffs afterwards. BYEEEE!! J

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