April 17, 2017
I am all for people speaking their mind, but some people really need to learn how to talk. I have this friend, very beautiful and smart but she talks too much and seventy percent of the things she says are really annoying because of her tone and mode of expression. She shouts, argues and doesn't know how to express herself. She can be saying something reasonable but because of her tone you would just get really angry at her and walk out. 
I know that one of our constitutional rights is the right to freedom of speech but come on, you can’t just voice everything that comes to mind. Most people talk too much, and what they say is often just noise or irrelevant gibberish designed to keep themselves entertained. A lot of us, including me, need to train ourselves to be comfortable with silence. People need to learn how to decipher their thoughts before they voice it. I am obviously not in a good mood right now, hence my tone. I am really sorry guys. I just needed to blog this. 

I am all for feminism, all for what a man can do, a woman can better, but for real some ladies are annoying. They shout, argue, pick quarrels everywhere and never know when to stop talking. A lot of people fail to realize that God gave us one mouth and two ears because he wants us to talk less and listen more. I get that this is the 21st century and everybody wants their voice to heard, nobody wants to be oppressed in silence, but I am not saying you can’t voice your opinion, you can, but it is not every single opinion you have that must be voiced. Mastering the art of what to say and the right time to say it is a major key. Haven’t you heard of the saying leave them wanting more.? We need to learn how to speak less and listen more so that people would regard our opinions when we voice them. The more you talk, especially when what you say is mostly gibberish, the more people would lose respect for you.
In conclusion, everybody especially we ladies need to learn how to talk, when to talk and most especially when to STOP talking.


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    1. First of all thanks for reading I know right, we all need to master the art of talking.


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