May 08, 2017

I really need to learn how to handle rejection. I feel really sad right now. So let me tell you what happened to me today, something like this has never happened to me so it's like my first time, i guess thats why i am still feeling rejected and sad over it.
So today being Monday i went to school. After classes i decided to go and use the ATM, on getting there the queue was crazy because everybody has resumed and i was sweating like crazy because the sun was not smiling at all. So here i was under d hot sun looking for a way to join the queue (That's how bad the queue was, u have to wait to join the queue), I was there for like 10 minutes then finally i decided that i cannot suffer anymore, i then decided to go forward and ask this random guy on the queue to help me withdraw since it was almost his turn to use the ATM. So i walked up to him and was like "Brother, please can you help me withdraw" with a very sexy and nice voice and with a the most polite and nicest smile i could give. This boy not looking at me or anything just said NO with his ugly mouth. Jesus Christ, i was shocked, i didn't even know what to do, whether to ask again or to insult him or to walk away. I just stood there trying to take this rejection and also trying my very best not to cry because i felt it coming. After like 1 minute of confusion, i just quietly walked to the back of the queue and stood there still confused.
As i am typing this i am still very pained. I am not proud of this but i cried a little when i got home. Nobody has ever told me No on the ATM queue, this was all new and strange. I can't just stop thinking about it, and the worst part of it all was that i smiled at this boy, i actually gave him my nicest smile and he still said no. I hardly smile and when i finally decide to, this is what i get. Why are people wicked, i dont know how i can recover from this. I cant even remember the guys face so that means no revenge for me, and ooh how i love revenge. I think i just need to sleep because i don't know what to do again. That guy just ruined my day.

I finally ended up withdrawing by myself after waiting on the queue for over half an hour, so at least.


  1. Sometimes people are not just in the mood to help. considering the weather and how long he had stood there before you came to ask for the favour. You can imagine what his been through before your arrival.

    1. Lol. True. But at least he should have been considerate

  2. .....just said NO with his ugly mouth. 😂😂

  3. I will like to think he did you a favor by saying NO. Considering the queue and persons standing there, if he took that card and tried to make withdrawal, you could have faced not just rejection from multitude of persons but also possible violence.
    Be a good Nigerian and join queue joor. No be very body dey fall for fine girl smiles lolz ��.
    Signed, your secret number one fan...... Winks

  4. Lollll😁😁. I laughed soo hard while reading this. I've learnt my lesson now, I'm just gonna join the queue like everyone else. But it pained me that didn't fall for my fine girl smile .. oh well😊


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