July 12, 2017


Pull Me Over.

How did he know it would hurt so much?
He left me feeling like I didn’t matter anymore
Now he thinks he can just come back
Like nothing happened
Like he didn’t literally break my heart
Like he didn’t make me see myself as worthless
Damaged goods
It’s sad to think that someone I love could do that to me
Too sad.

I loved him
I love him
I honestly did
And for a moment I thought he did
I thought we would end up with our happy ever after
I thought it would all work out
I guess I thought wrong
It’s funny how love blinds you
Leaves you vulnerable
And almost always leaves you broken

Now I feel weak
I don’t think I can ever start again
I don’t feel the same anymore
I just want to be left alone
Alone with my thoughts
With the thought of him
Of us
I am still broken
I don’t think I can ever be the same.

Lol, I literally don’t know why I just typed this. I guess I subconsciously type. Well, I don’t know who this is about but I just picked up my laptop and began to type.


  1. Could this be soliloquising or just an intelligent pun used by this beautiful Blogger.����
    Never let anyone put you down, not now and never. Don't also do same to anyone.
    It's only a matter of time someone who will cherish your love will come along.
    I pray you will be attentive to know when that one is before you.
    Signed, your secret number one fan��

    1. Well i guess i was sololoquising.. Iam patiently waiting for the time to come.
      Loll, Please can you reveal yourself already, i am itching to know who you really are😉

  2. Lolz I enjoy being anonymous. I will continue to read and promote your blog. Maybe someday when you are a very big name in blogging, I will reveal myself. For now I will continue to encourage you to keep at it. Maybe you even know me but don't just know it's me.... Smiles.��

    1. Lol, thanks for the support and the encouragement anonymous


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