March 10, 2018
Hello  my beautiful and handsome readers. I hope you will be able to relate to this post because I try my possible best to make all posts relatable. So here goes.

A lot of people tell me that I am a very unforgiving person and that once someone hurts me I never forgive the person and even though I say I do, I always stop talking to the person.

There’s something we all fail to understand and this is it: If someone does something once, it’s a mistake. Twice, it’s intentional. Three times, its already a part of the person.

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If someone hurts me once, I forgive the person even though my trust for that person drastically reduces, I still talk to the person, but then, if that same person hurts me a second time, I am not doing again. I get tired of reliving the same hurt.  Come on, there are over seven billion people on this earth, why should I let one person hurt me over and over again.
What pains me the most is that they never ever learn from their mistakes. They read your first forgiveness as acquiescence for future hurts.

It’s just really painful to be honest. I love having friends but some people make it so difficult. How can you intentionally decide to hurt a ‘friend’ because you know she’s going to forgive you?

In order to stay sane and not having to start asking myself questions like 'what did I do wrong?' or 'is something wrong with me, am I a bad person?' I just turn it all off, and move on.
So, whenever I decide to turn off my niceness switch, whenever I decide to no longer allow myself to be susceptible to hurt, I just tell myself that I’m doing the right thing for myself both emotionally and mentally.

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  1. You are right with your perception , but the most important thing is our own peace of mind, people who try to hurt people are negative people, the best we can do is ignore them but we should not HATE , that’s going to disrupt our own peace of mind , we should always be aware of the snake in the grass, we know we know it’s move.

    1. I totally agree with you on this point. Keeping hatered in your heart is equivelant to making the person hurt you a second time. Just forget about it and move on. Thanks for reading dear.

  2. Its a way of handling your grief and what had been done to you. Understandable

  3. I'm so here for this. suffice it to say, I still got love for you but stay away from me tho

    1. Exactly. I don't hate you but your presence is just spoiling my mood so please leave.


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