February 18, 2018


Hey guys!! Welcome back to my blog and a Happy New year as this is sadly my first blog post of the year. I have been super busy with school and all but I know that is not a good enough excuse as I promised to take my blog a little more seriously this year..

Today's post is going to be a little shorter than usual and the title kind of doesn't correlate with the content of the post. I always have a hard time finding the right title, lol.

I was just scrolling through my timeline on Instagram this morning, looking at all these beautiful and handsome people on Instagram and wondering how they really felt on the inside, behind all the cameras, behind all the glitz and glamour. I wondered if they were truly as happy as they seemed to be in the pictures and videos.

I often have people tell me, ‘Bola, I love the way you walk with so much confidence, the way you enter a room like you practically own it’. Whenever someone compliments me in this way I always laugh a little inside because I see myself as the most insecure person ever. I am the kind of person that is more moved by the hate one person shows me than the love ninety-nine people show me. I am never sure of myself, always second guessing every decision I make and the last thing I consider myself to be is 'confident', but because of how I carry myself, nobody, except my truly close friends, would ever guess that I am insecure.  

Hearing people compliment me on my 'confidence' inspired this blog post today. Today I realized that people are moved by what they see not by what is truly inside. Every day you hear of celebrities committing suicide or checking themselves into rehab or a mental home. On TV they look all glamorous, like they have it all, like the world is their oyster but deep inside they are the most insecure and unsure people. 

So today, don’t let your worries and problems so overshadow you that you forget to smile. The world doesn’t need to know that you have only a thousand Naira in your bank account, or that you are failing in school, or that you just had a messy breakup. Today, smile. Even though it seems hard, just smile. Everybody loves a person who smiles and they tend to come closer to you because they see you as a source of joy, of happiness.

Now regarding your problems, do not bottle it up. You need a support system, everybody does, a group of people or even just one person who you can tell all your problems to and they are ever ready to listen and give you solutions and a shoulder to cry on.

That’s all for today. Thanks for reading and Happy Sunday. 


  1. great post but shouldn’t we focus on actually being confident and secure than trying to be confident.

    1. Thanks for reading. That's not the basis of this blog post. But to answer your question, yes we should also focus on actually being confident too, but who knows, maybe faking or trying to be confident can in the long run make you confident

  2. Secret number one fan here��. It's been a while. I have been attending to issues of life. The March 16th give away forced me back... True confession��.
    I have learnt from the above topic.
    The only problem i have is that when I come to you (Miss B) to give me your shoulder to cry on, you don't give me attention. It hurts my feelings though but I can't force you.
    How I go do, it is your shoulder naa, even though the shoulder small sef lolz ������


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