April 30, 2018


This is a very controversial topic, so I am going to try my very best to consider it from two very different angles.

If you are like me who is a die-hard stalker of Joro’s IG page then you must have read a lot of true life stories on this topic.

Dating a married man, should I or should I not?

We would consider this question from two angle. The good girl angle and the bad girl angle.

The Good Girl
Dating a married man is a sin, and not just one, but two sins at the same time. You are committing fornication because the bible says that any sex outside marriage that is not between a husband and his wife is a sin, and you are also aiding adultery.

As a good Christian girl, you might just want to stare clear from dating a married man because you would be committing a very grave sin against your body and I don’t need to remind you that your body is the temple of the Lord; so you are basically defiling the Lords temple.

Let’s not also forget about karma. Karma, they say, is a b*tch and you do not want to mess with her. As a good Christian girl, you do not want another girl dating your husband when you get married, so why do you want to do the same to another woman’s husband. It is not just right. But I have also heard stories of good girls who got married virgins (meaning that they never ever dated a married man) and their husbands are still compulsive cheats. So you just have to pray to the Lord. Getting married to a husband who has not and would not cheat on you is very rare but possible. So just have hope and hang in there my good girls.

The Bad Girl
Well, well, well. Dating a married man is no big deal. You just have to be really careful so that you won’t get caught by the man’s wife because the day that happens, get ready for your first acid bath.
Married men sugar daddies are caring, they would love and provide for you a hundred times more than any of your boyfriends ever did. 

They have the money so it’s no biggie to them. Just satisfy them and they satisfy your bank account. It is a pretty simple transaction, if you are a bad girl tho. They buy you designer wears, change your clothes, take you on exotic and luxurious trips and generally make you feel happy. You get to date a man, a real man and they are usually very wise, so that’s an added bonus. They introduce you to other rich people and that’s how you start getting your ‘connection’ which everybody needs in Nigeria.

Whether you date a married man or not, your husband would still cheat on you because you know what; men are cheats and also scums. So if my husband is still going to cheat on me in the future, why don’t I enjoy another man’s wife. It’s a pretty logical line of argument, don’t you think?

Here’s my advice to my baddies in the house; as a bad girl dating a married man, try not to get pregnant because that is when you would know that a sugar daddy can also be bitter. And also if you have the idea at the back of your mind that he is going to leave his wife of 20+ years for you who he just met months ago then you are on another level of stupid. Married men NEVER EVER leave their wives. So just enjoy your sugar baby status and find a boyfriend at the side who you will get married to when you are done with the sugar baby life.

Where do I stand?
To be honest, I do not know. Dating a married man has its pros and cons and I am definitely sitting on the fence here. Everybody has one reason or the other for doing a thing. You might be dating a married man because you are financially incapable of providing for your ‘basic’ needs, (Notice the emphasis on this ‘basic’, Iphone X, 100k weave, etc. are not basic needs ooo.) no problem, more power to your elbow dear. You might be dating a married man because you just like older married men; my sister may God help your ministry. You may even be dating a married man because all your friends are doing it and you do not want to be left out; madam peer pressure, continue oo. Whatever your reasons may be to date or not to date a married man, just be careful out there and make sure you really think it all through before starting or continuing. Good luck out there my baddies and goodies.

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  1. My dear, some married men are just stingy.... So don't waste the sin

  2. Myself, I don't follow dating married men. It's a no go area for me. For those doing, I pray they see that what they're doing is wrong, I don't wish acid bath on even my enemy (God forbid). And please, God will never help the ministry of home wreckers.

  3. I will go with the good girl side. This is dimply because it is s sin, and it comes with a lot of disadvantages.


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