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So guys today we are going to be talking about relationships and answering the age long question of ‘when is it the right time to leave the relationship?’. This blog post is not only for the ladies but also for the gentlemen.

Let’s begin!!

Love is a really beautiful thing, being able to find someone you can get to share every waking moment of your life with is priceless. Being able to bare your whole body and soul to just one person in hopes that they would accept you for who you are, and they do, is something I cannot even begin to fathom. Love can be beautiful at the beginning but there comes a time when things become hard and unbearable, where you start overcompensating for his/her shortcomings and you seem to be sadder than usual. This is the time when you have to sit down and think to yourself if he or she is worth sacrificing your mental sanity and happiness for. This is the time where you have to consider if now is the right time to GET OUT.  

There’s a saying that Love Is Blind and this blog post is the cure to the blindness that comes with love. I am going to give five instances where in my opinion it is time to get out of that relationship before it ruins you.

There’s this new trend that I do not still seem to understand. Now more than ever, people are more tolerable of cheating spouses and partners. A girl who Is not yet married to her boyfriend would stay with him for years knowing that he is unfaithful in the relationship all in the name of trying to be a Ride or Die Chick.  Because woman have decided to turn their eyes on their cheating partners and stay in the relationship, the men now see cheating as a norm. You hear sayings everyday like ‘Boys would be boys’, ‘Men are not born to be monogamous’. The funniest of it all is when they quote the book of Isaiah 4:1 in the most outrageous manner.

Ladies and gentlemen, if you notice that your partner is cheating on you and you decide to stay in the relationship in hopes that once you guys get married everything would change; I’m sorry to inform you but your future would be filled with so much tears and regret. A man/woman who can cheat on you with another person does not love you and marriage cannot change that fact.

A person who truly loves you would never even think of cheating on you.
Ever seen a playboy who finally decides to settle down, finds his queen and never cheats on her. If he is cheating on you then you are not his queen, oga is not yet ready to settle down and when he is, he would leave you and go and find his Queen.
No matter how much you love him/her, if you cheat on a person you claim to love then you are lying to yourself.

I get the fact that temptations come every day, but being able to stand your ground and not cheat on the person you love is the beauty of love.

Now this is a no brainer. If the person you claim to love or the person who claims to love you, raises their hands and beats you, no matter how small, my dear it is time to get out. We need to stop giving excuses like, it was the work of the devil or I was drunk and didn’t know what I was doing. Alcohol doesn’t make you do things you would never do; it only gives you courage to do those things you already had in mind to do.

Don’t marry a person in hopes that when you get married such person would change. A man or woman that beats you when you guys are only dating would most definitely beat you, and do worse, when you finally get married.
If you are only dating a person and such person is already beating you please please and please, forget that love and get out of the relationship. Trust me, you deserve and can do way way better.

Now I don’t know the exact reason why you may be crying but, if you know it is because of you partner your eyes are wetter than usual, please get out of that relationship for your mental health. Even though it may be temporarily, just leave. Get yourself back, work on the problems and make sure that things are okay before you come back.

A relationship is supposed to be filled with love and happiness. I get the fact that relationships have their ups and downs but if your relationship seems to be having more downs than ups, please get out. Your mental sanity is very very important.  

Overcompensating to make a relationship work can be really really frustrating. If you find yourself doing all the work in the relationship and your other half seems not to give a rat’s arse about anything that happens in the relationship, please it’s time to pack your load and get out of that unrequited relationship.

They may give excuses like, I’m not really a relationship person, I don’t just know how to express my love. My dear please don’t fall for it. A guy or girl who truly loves you would go out of their way to make you happy.

There’s no doubt that in every relationship there is always one person who loves more than the other but when one person is giving 90% love and the other 10% then that’s just not right.

So if you find yourself in this situation then its high time to get out of that relationship and find a person who is willing to go the extra mile just to make you happy. Trust me, that person is out there, you just have to be patient.

A healthy relationship is one which both parties grow and become better people. Relationships of nowadays are so toxic that if you walk passed it you would choke to death.

If you entered a relationship in your right mind and as a reasonable person and the few months into the relationship you begin to notice yourself do bad and terrible things you would have never done had you not met your partner, then I think it’s time to flee from that relationship. You deserve to be with someone who makes and brings out the best in you.

No matter how many years and how much time and effort you have spent in a relationship it is never too late to get out. Don’t say because I have spent all my good years on one person I can’t just leave like that. Just remember that being alone and happy is a whole lot better than being with someone and unhappy.

If you are married and you notice these signs in your marriage and you can’t bear it anymore, please get out for your sanity. I’m not saying get a divorce right away. There are lots of things you and your partner can do like marriage counselling, talking to each other on what you can’t bear anymore. If nothing still seems to work and you can’t take it anymore then you can get a divorce.
As a Christian however, I’m sure you know that the only ground for divorce according to the bible is when your partner has been unfaithful.  

Thanks for reading guys. 

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