September 09, 2017

Hello my beautiful and handsome readers. How has your day been? Mine has been pretty boring as usual. I’ve just been watching movies and going through twitter searching for anything interesting. I can’t tell you how eager I am to resume school, at least there I am always occupied with school work.

So in the spirit of boredom, I am going to share with every bored person out there reading this right now
Six things I do when I am bored

1. The first thing that always comes to mind whenever I am bored is my phone. I cannot tell you guys how much I am in love with my phone. I am literally always with it. It’s either I am on twitter searching for who they are roasting today or which celebrity has been caught in a lie, or on Instagram searching for famous bloggers and then linking my way to their blog. Guys, i think I am a blog addict. I can spend hours going from one blog to another.
                   PS: I am going to do a blog post real soon about my favourite       
                                      bloggers and why I love them.

2. Another thing you can do when you are bored is watch a movie. I am currently watching Fresh Prince of Bel-Air for like the tenth time. I am more of a seasonal movie kind of girl. I love long and outstretched seasonal movie. Some of my favourite all-time seasonal movies are FriendsGreys Anatomy and Scandal. I am obsessed with Shonda Rhimes, her movies are so unpredictable and obsessive. If you are really really bored then I would suggest you watch a comedy movie/season like The Mindy Project. I can’t count how many times I have watched that movie and I never get tired.

3. Go out with friends. Well I don’t do this but I guess it would be fun. I am more of a stay at home girl but I go out once in a while though. You could go to the movies, club or a Karaoke bar, or you could just go to a friend’s house to chill and gist.

4. I love this one out of all of them. You could SLEEP. Oh my God, sleeping is bliss for real. A time away from the world, from all your troubles, who wouldn’t love that? But don’t sleep too much guys because too much of anything isn’t good (Except Money).

5. Have you ever tried praying when you are bored? If not, then you don’t know what you are missing. Communicating with God when you are bored is exciting, being able to talk to Him when no one else is there, when you feel lonely and alone, it is heavenly. There was a day I tried this and I vowed never to turn back. Even though it seems like He is not there because He is not responding, just keep going, trust me He is always there listening.

6. Listen to Music. This is also a stress reliever. I listen to all genres of music. Hip-Hop, R&B, Rap, everything. I prefer older music by, Frank Sinatra, Michael Bolton and Michael Buble. My favourite band right now is Sleeping at Last. Don’t mind their name, they are the best. They do a lot of covers to famous songs especially old songs. You guys should definitely download their music especially Earth and Saturn I promise you would love it.

So guys, there you have it. These are some of the things I do when I am bored. Want to know more about me?

What are some of the things you do when you are bored? Please share them with me in the comment section, I would love to add to my boredom collection.

Bye guys and thanks for reading.



  1. Nice Post ! I do all these things whenever I'm bored and most times it doesn't work , but I've never tried Prayer before o...when next I'm bored I think I'll try that lol

    1. Thanks and thanks for reading. Yea, you should definitely try prayer, it always works for me.

  2. Nice one dear. I think i don't do this often too when bored that is to pray, thanks for the enlightenment. In the same vein i do a lot of thinking and also read books. You can add those too.
    I always take something from your post. Keep it up dear.

    1. First of all thanks for reading. I am really excited that i was able to enligten you.
      I am definitely going to add thinking to my list because i have a lot of unresolved thoughts. 😊😊. Thanks dear


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