September 16, 2017
I want to be an inspiration to the world, I want to touch people’s life, not by what I say or by what I do but by just being me. I don’t know if that sounds normal but I want to motivate people. I want people to look up to me, to want to be me. I want to, in five to ten years from now, look back and see the changes I have made in the lives of others. I want a little girl or boy to look up to me, to aspire to be me when she/he grows up, not for a bad thing but for a good thing.

I may not be in the best position in life right now. I am definitely not where I want to be in life right now but I know that I still have a lot of years ahead of me and that If I really apply myself, if I forget about the pleasures of this world and just starve myself of that for up to five years I would come out strong and victorious. I believe that I can do great things, I believe that I have an untapped potential that is just waiting to be noticed. I read somewhere that the first step to being great is believing that you can be great.

In life there a lot of obstacles, a lot of limitations. People telling you you can’t achieve your goals, your background limiting your potentials, lack of money, or maybe lack of proper application of your potentials, but the worst type of limitation in life  is you not believing in yourself. If you don’t believe in yourself how can you expect others to believe you? Over the past few years I have felt bad for myself, always looked down on myself and always doubted myself. Whenever I had an idea, there was always this small voice telling me that I couldn’t do it. Telling me to give up even before I had started and I had always fallen for it. I had always given up, always been too scared to take risks because I was always afraid of failing.

In 2013 when I had just entered the university I so desperately wanted to start a blog, matter of fact I opened a WordPress account to tell you how serious I was about this. I loved writing, loved being able to tell a story through the written words. But then one night as I laid on my bed this small voice came to me, discouraging me, assuring me that I would fail, who would read your blog?, what do you have to write?. The voice was practically telling me to give up even before I had published my first post on the blog and sadly I fell for it and till this day I regret it. I didn’t pursue my blogging dream that year or the next and it pained me. And to think of how far I would have gone with my blog if only I had not listened to the voice. But I am not going to let that discourage me, I have accepted my loss and I have picked myself up and started all over again.

To everyone reading this, if you have a goal a dream or a talent you can work on, please do it now because the best time to do anything is now, not tomorrow, not next week,  but now. Even though the pros of achieving your goals seem less than the cons, as long as you have passion for it and it is not illegal, do not let anybody stop you. Start that blog today. Start writing that book today. Start learning a new language today. Start learning how to play that instrument today. Start learning how to sew, how to do makeup, how to design today. Start that business today. Start going to school today. If you are already in school and your grades are not as good as you want them to be, start putting in more effort today.

Whatever it is you think you have to have now, you have to enjoy now because it won’t be there again, trust me in five to ten years from now that thing won’t have value to you anymore. Chase the things that would last you a lifetime. A college degree won’t wake up one morning and leave you but a friend, boyfriend/girlfriend, or even a wife/husband can do that. Chase the things that in ten years from now you would be happy you made that decision. If you have financial issues, just table your problems to God, trust me He always listens and always has a solution to every problem.

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Bye for now.


  1. Nice post as usual dear. You have said major part of it. Whatever you want to do in this life just believe and work towards it and never let anything or anybody distract or discourage you irrespective of the situation in life. Always have it in mind that the sky is your starting point. Whatever you do or left undone dear at any point of your life always believe that it happen, you did it or did not do it for a reason which fore tell that things happen for a reason. What I'm saying in essence is that, never have REGRET on your misdemeanour. Only God knows best. If you had started blogging way back as you said. You never can tell it could be either ways sure you understand that. God will perfect our ways.

    1. Thanks for reading and taking out time to comment.
      Well said, whatever we have lost in the past let us leave that in the past and move on. We should not let our past failures derail and distract us from the bright future God has in stall for us.

  2. Thanks for sharing this love, it's too too relateable. I'm currently at a point where I'm shutting all the negative voices in my head, feeling the fear and doing it anyway and keep going hard even when no one is clapping for me .

    1. I am happy that you were able to relate to this post. Yes dear, keep it up. Do you and keep strivin for perfection eventhough nobody is there to cheer you up. At the end of the day when you come out victorious they would all come running back.

  3. Secret number fan here����. He/she�� has been busy trying to make his tomorrow today.....�� And have not been following this great blog for sometime, but he/she is back now.
    Am indeed inspired by this piece. Thank you very plenty.

    I have something to add too.
    Most times when we are busy chasing our dreams and striving to achieve this or that, some people get carried away and forget the things that really matters. Those things includes,

    1. Taking care of our body(it is the temple of God as the Bible say and a dwelling place of the spirit) which suggests that it is a house.
    A house must constantly be maintained for it not to deteriorate or be destroyed entirely.

    2. Relationship with other human beings.
    Most times people fear that relationship with some persons will slow them down in the quest to achieve their goals but fail to understand that human relationships is what keeps you sane. Imagine living alone in a house, you will have to talk to yourself, cry to yourself and even get depressed.
    No matter how bad a human is, there is always good in them.
    Human relations is a very essential ingredient to achieving what ever goal we have set for ourselves and it should, and I repeat, should never be taken for granted.
    Keep up the great work.....kisses


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