December 31, 2017
Okay so guys I want to rant, bear with me.

Why did 2017 have to be a shitty year? I mean, come on, a lot of people had great plans for this year but everything just went downhill for most of all after March. If you can’t relate to the first few lines of this post, then please stop reading because it is not for you and also congratulations for being among the few people who didn’t have a shitty 2017.

This year started off great. The cross over night program into the new year was cool for me. I went to church with my elder brother because the rest of my family members were either ill or too tired to go to church so they just watched the crossover night program on TV from home. 
Cross over night was really fun, I danced, prayed, thanked God for an amazing 2016 because if I am being honest right now 2016 was a great year which was the more reason I had hoped 2017 would emulate its sister and be even better but NO. It just had to rebel.

I can still remember one of my prayer requests on the night before we entered 2017; it was that God should make this a year to remember. I guess I was at fault here since I didn’t specify if I wanted this year to be remembered for good or for bad; I merely assumed that God who is omnipotent would know that I wanted this year to be a year to be remembered for good.

2017 had its ups and downs but more downs than ups that it made the ups seem rather irrelevant.
In all, I thank God for the constant gift of life through it all and I wake up each day thinking once there’s life there’s hope.

I am definitely all set for 2018 and I cannot wait for all it has to offer, hopefully good things. 



  1. 2017 has been a tough and rough year, but we just have to keep our hopes on fire and believe 2018 to be better, a year of the harvest of good things. Amen.

    Great post! 👍

    Happy New Year! ❤

    From TBA (www.misterolayiwola.wordpress.com)


    1. Yes, 2018 is our year. Happy new year to you too


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