The month of September was great in general. It was kind of quick, one second it was there and the next it was gone. To be honest I wont miss the month of September as I am all ready for October  and all it has to offer. For starters I will be starting my Final year in the University in October so that's pretty exciting.

So, straight to the reason why you clicked on the link that lead you to my awesome blog and to this blog-post. September! such a wonderful month. It opened my eyes to a lot of things and it made me see a lot of people differently. so here are the 5 things September offered me

1. The first would have to be my blog. I spent a lot of time in the month of September on my blog. I did a lot of research on blogging, how to find my niche (which I am still yet to find mine), how to gather more traffic to the blog. I basically followed a lot of fellow bloggers, read a lot of blogs and at a point I think I was obsessed because a day could not pass without me finding a new blogger from Instagram and stalking her all the way down to her blog.

I also changed the theme of my blog which I would be changing again this month because I still haven't found the perfect theme. I also considered switching to WordPress or owning my own website, I talked to a web designer about this and, well, lets just wait and see .

PS: Why are most bloggers females? I stalked almost twenty blogs this month and out of all of them there was only one male blogger whose blog name I can't seem to remember.

2. This month also taught me how to be more Patient. I am was the most inpatient person ever. I hated waiting for anything, I always loved getting what I want when I want it. I would get really angry and irritated and sometimes even cry whenever I didn't get what i wanted. But this month has made me grow up to realize that I cant always get what I want when I want it, things just don't happen like that.


3. Also, this month I learnt how to be less selfish, how to understand people more and how to consider putting other people's needs above me. I owe this to a friend of my Dad's who advised me on how to be less selfish and who also gave me some tips which I now always consider before I do anything that seems even the slightest bit selfish.

To be honest this was really hard for me at first but I think I am getting the hang of it. This is one of the changes I desperately hope to make permanent.

4. The fourth thing this month taught me was how to not let every single thing bother me. Oh my God! this was a part of me I hated so much. In the past (yea, it's in the part now because i'm now like 60% unbothered) every little thing somebody said or did whether it was about me or not,bothered me. I cared too much about what other people said about me to the point of being too scared to take risk. But all thanks to the wonderful month of September and the things that happened to me this month, I now care a bit less about what people say or do.

5. Last but not least, this month taught me how to take life one step at a time and not to rush anything. Even the bible says that good things come to those who wait

October's Resolutions

I hope to achieve the following and more before the end of the month of October: 

To be more consistent with my blog.
To have my first blog giveaway.
To take more pictures.
To learn to truly Love someone.
To learn to tolerate people more.
To build my Self-esteem (i really really need to work on this aspect).

I love when you comment. Tell me some of the things the month of September taught you, I am dying to know

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  1. September taught me to keep being strong, to not be comfortable when in pain, to love and find myself.
    Well done

    1. The month of september was really good to you.

  2. The month of September was one of the best month yet in this year. Many things to be grateful for... Nice post as always and congratulation dear on your resumption. I pray this time next year you'll be preparing for your NLS resumption In Shaa Allah. (Pase see me more as a friend than just your blog reader. There's more we can learn from each other). Have a blessed week!


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