October 05, 2017


Hey hey hey!! Welcome back to my Blog. Before I begin today's post I would like to first of thank every single person who has either intentionally or unintentionally read my blog. Every day I check my blog stats and I see it go up even by one, it makes me so happy. So, thanks a lot and I hope you won’t get bored of me overtime and stop coming here because that would make my sad. To me, losing a reader is kind of like losing a beloved friend. It's painful. 

In a few days from now, I would be going back to school for my last session ever in the university 💃💃💃(you probably can’t tell, but I am super excited). I literally cannot wait to be called a graduate and more importantly an LLB holder.
Being in the university is no joy ride. It is stressful, frustrating, hot and I spend 20% of the time crying because I hate stress. 

So let's get into today's post. How I spent my 3 months summer holiday. 

After my 400 level semester’s examination, I ran home. Yes, ran. I did not spend up to a week in school after my exams, I just had to leave because the environment, the people and everything there was starting to get on my very last nerve. 

I cannot remember the exact day I arrived home, but I know it was a really happy day. Finally, a nice and peaceful environment where I can relax and feel sane again.

My first few weeks at home was fun. I slept like a pregnant woman. I would sleep by 1am because I would be up all night watching movies, and wake up by 11am. Eat, watch more movies, and then go back to sleep. Yea, I know I was lazy, but all that was about to change, keep reading.

After about 2 weeks of sleeping, eating and lazing around in general, I decided to make the best of my holiday by applying for a two months summer internship. 
I submitted my application letter on a Monday, got a call back that same day and started my internship the next day. 

I interned at the Port Harcourt branch of the prestigious SOLOLA AND AKPANA. It was a really fun experience in general. The lawyers I worked with were friendly, lovely but also strict when it was time to be serious. 
I had the opportunity to experience the procedural aspect of the law and also worked with some lawyers on some high profile cases. I learnt how to work in an official environment and also how to be serious and comported which is a big deal for me because I am always unserious whenever I am supposed to be serious. I attended meetings, took notes and did a lot of research. 

PS: Legal researches are not easy at all. I would spend hours and hours in the library conducting various research, which always gave me serious headache, but on the plus side, it greatly improved my research skill. And I know more than I honestly would like to know on Garnishee Proceedings (this research took me days). 

I didn’t go to court as much I had wanted because court was on recess and the Nigerian Bar Association Conference was being held at that time. But the few times I got to go to court were worthwhile but kind of boring especially when judgment was being delivered. Having to wait on the judge for over an hour to first write his judgment down before delivering it made me want to never practice law, but over time I got used to it.

The one thing about my internship I didn’t so much enjoy was the fact that I had to be at work on or before 8am, which meant I had to wake up by 5am every day to get ready because the firm was a bit far from where I live.
Some days my alarm would go off and I would just lay on my bed, awake, but unable to find the strength to stand up. It was a battle every morning but overtime my body kind of got used to it. After a while I started waking up before my alarm went off. 

PS: I now have a newly found respect for everybody living the 8am-5am life. It is not easy at all. 
One of my many mirror selfies.

This was my last day. Notice the smile.

After two months of internship; which was more than half of my holiday period, I decided to spend the little time I had left resting, going out with friend (which happened like twice because I have very few friends), watching movies and focusing on my blog.

Yea, so there you have it. I had to kind of summarize everything in order not to bore you with a long post.

I love when you comment. How did you enjoy your summer holiday? Was it fun or boring? Did you go out or were you indoors watching movies and sleeping? Tell me about it in the comment section below. 

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  1. Nice summer dear. I remember when I had to intern too some time in 2013. It wasn't fun at the beginning because the only plans I had made for the hols were to sleep, wake up, eat, watch a movie, vlog and go back to sleep again 🤦😂 quite a handful right? But then, congratulations in advance on your degree. God will take you there

    1. Internship is soo stressful. Can't I just sleep, eat and watch movies and still gain the knowledge and experience. Thank you so much dear. Amen

  2. I interned this summer too at a place I didn't even like but had no choice. 😩. Anyways, I could relate to the whole, lawyers, chambers, cases stuff cause my dad studied law, was called to bar in I think 1990 and practiced in his own chambers until 2010. And he used to have holidays around August same time as us then in primary and secondary school. I think it's great you got this experience, I just resumed school too, last semester, so wasn't ready but praying to God for grace and yeah I always develop respect for 8-5 hustlers whenever I have to live that life myself. Thanks for sharing boo.


    1. Awwww now I feel bad that you didn't like where you interned, its a really terrible experience interning where you hate. Its like doing the same horrible thing you depise over and over again. I'm sorry dear, better luck next year.
      Woww! Your dad is a lawyer, that's super cool. I always wished one of my parents was a lawyer, but oh well.
      And good luck with school this semester, I prayed you ace every test and examination. Thanks for reading and commenting 😊

  3. nice summer dear..... those pictures looks so good.....
    besides , youre a very good writer mam


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