Hey guys, Today's post is on Bloggers block and how to overcome it. 

If you are reading this then there is a possibility you are having or have had bloggers block. Not to worry I am here for you.

What is bloggers block? It’s kind of the same thing as writers block but for bloggers. It is a situation where as a blogger you cannot come up with a new blog post.

When you first started blogging I bet you didn’t have bloggers block. At first the topics and inspiration came to you naturally and once you got hold of your laptop you would spend hours creating various blog posts at once without taking a break, but over time you find yourself struggling to come up with a single blog post. You are not alone, it happens to even the best of us.

Have I ever experienced bloggers block? Yes I have. Countless of times. Some days I would be itching to blog, grab my laptop, switch it on, go straight to Microsoft word and just stare at the white blank sheet for hours. It is really frustrating. But over the past few months that I have been blogging, I have managed to overcome my bloggers block anytime it came up by using these FIVE easy tips:

1.     The first thing I do whenever I have bloggers block is to start typing. Yes, I start typing any and everything that comes to my mind. It won’t make sense at first but I just keep going, after a while the nonsense I thought I was typing begins to make sense.

Personal Experience: Remember this post on What to do when you are bored , well, before I came up with the post I didn’t know what to post on the blog and I was itching to post something. So I just picked up my laptop and started typing and typing, all of a sudden I realized  I was heading somewhere and that’s how I created one of my most read posts on the blog. (Thanks guys for reading the post💋💋)

    2.     Another thing you could do whenever you have bloggers block is to read other blogs. Reading other blogs whether they relate to your blog niche or not would help your bloggers block for sure. There are a lot of wonderful bloggers out there you could get information and inspiration from by only reading some posts on their blog.

PS: Read other blogs for inspiration not for imitation. Don’t try to copy every single thing from another blog. If you do that you are killing your originality and creativity.

 Where do I find other bloggers like me? There are everywhere my dear, with the right hashtag on Instagram or Twitter you can find other amazing bloggers. Some of my popular go to hashtags on Instagram are #Bloggers #NigerianBloggers #BlacksWhoBlog #PortharcourtBloggers #LifestyleBloggers.

Also some of my go to blogs whenever I need inspiration are 
And so many other fantastic blogs. I can't remember all their names right now.

3.     Did you know you could also draw some inspiration from your self? Well if you didn’t know, now you do. The next time you have bloggers block, try and go through some of your old blog posts. You may never know what you might stumble upon. 
    You might have started a series on your blog which you totally forgot about or you might have stated in one of your blog posts that someday you were going to blog about a particular thing or event, well, today is the day.

  4.     Go on social media. There is always something new happening online especially on twitter. A new topic is always trending on twitter which you can tap into for a new blog post. The often neglected Facebook is also good when it comes to finding inspiration. You just have to be following the right sets of people online.

Personal Experience: Remember this post on whether you owe it to a guy to be in a relationship with him after going on just one date? Well, guess what,? I got the inspiration from twitter. The story was trending that day on twitter so I decided to key into it by blogging about my opinion on the issue.

5.     Stop blogging. If after trying out all the four tips above and you are still having bloggers block then take a break and stop blogging.  Yes I know this might seem weird at first because you want to overcome  your bloggers block not let it win. But ask yourself this question~ If I sit here staring at this blank screen for hours, what good would it do? If your answer is "No good" then it's time you take a break.
 Take a break, unwind, go out with friends, pray to God for inspiration, do anything that would keep your mind busy.

PS: Take a break for a short while not forever because the blogosphere waits for no one.

Personal Experience: My bloggers block always occur whenever I am in school,. There is something about school and lectures that makes me unable to find the right topic and contents to blog on. So during that period I always take a break from blogging.

If you are currently having bloggers block, you could do what I am doing right now; write about it.
How many of you could have guessed while reading this post that I was having bloggers block?
My intention at first was to blog on something totally different but as I switched on my laptop to start blogging, I went blank, I then decided to do tip number one i.e Just type whatever comes to mind and that my friends is how this post came into existence.

Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoyed reading through and I hope I was able to cure your bloggers block if you were having one.

Do you have some things you do whenever you have bloggers/writers block? Do share in the comment section below. 

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  1. Nice one dear. May God continue giving you the inspiration to do more.


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