October 02, 2017
Hey guys! I am introducing a new series to the blog (well, not so new as I have already done 2 blog posts here and here under this series, I am just finally deciding to name it) The name of this series is THE FIVE SERIES. It is basically me giving five points or tips on any topic in general.

Today on THE FIVE SERIES I will be giving tips on how to spot fake friends.

A fake friend is someone who is not really your friend but for some reason you see yourself calling that person a friend and always being around the person.

We all have friends. No matter how antisocial you may think you are, you would definitely have that one person who you are close to. Everyone has come across a fake friend at one point in their life even without knowing it.

Not all friends are good, matter of fact 30% of the people you call your friends are not really your friends. Human beings are pretentious in nature. And so today, I am here to give you 5 visible ways to spot a fake friends.

I am kind of a master in this field because I have a lot of fake friends around me that I just keep close because it's better to keep your friends close and your enemies (Fake Friends) closer.

So here goes:

  • Do you have a friend who is always negative and judgmental about everything going on in your life? A friend who is always trying to bring you down in life? If your answer is yes then  trust me when I say you have a  fake friend in your life. A friend whom when you tell him/her about something good that just happened to you, always tries to bring you down by telling you a thousand and one bad things about your good news. A friend who never smiles when something good is happening or happened to you.Such a person is a fake friend. A real friend is supposed to support you in everything you do and is to be happy for you when you are succeeding in life. If you have an always negative friend, please cut him/her off, you definitely don't need a negative energy around you everyday. 

  • Do you have a friend who is always there when you are doing well in life and then suddenly disappears when things start becoming difficult for you? If your answer is 'yes' or even 'maybe', sweetheart that person is a FAKE friend. Cut him/her off right away. Friends who are always there for the "highs" and never for the "lows" are fake friends. A real friend is someone who will be with your through it all, come rain or sun.To me friendship is like marriage minus sex, so if your friend can't be with you in sickness and in health then that friend is a fake friend and is not worth your time. A true friend is someone who should be present when you just had a major breakup and you need to talk to someone or when you just failed a test or an exam and you need a shoulder to cry on. If you have a friend who is always supposedly "busy" when things are not looking good for you, please cut them off right now. 

  • A fake friend always wants to know about EVERYTHING happening in your life. I know that friends are supposed to be close and know practically everything happening in each others life, but a friend who always wants to know about your life story just so he/she can gossip about you to others is not a real friend. What are you waiting for, cut him/she off. If you are always hearing from a third party what you told your friend in confidence, then it is pretty obvious that that person is not your friend. He/she is only using you to enhance his/her gossip game.

  • A friend who is always excited when something bad happens to you is not a real friend. That's just not normal for someone to be happy because you are miserable. A good friend is supposed to cry or at least be sad with you when something bad has just happened to you. Picture this; you just lost your job so you go over to your 'friend's' house to tell her about this terrible news, while telling her you notice that even though she is trying her very best to pretend to be sad, she is smiling as you are crying, that person is definitely not your friend. Even though he/she may be very good at hiding his/her true feelings, your intuition would tell you that he/she is happy about your bad news.

  • Lastly if you have a friend who is always trying to change you negatively, please cut him/her off before he/she ruin your life. If your "friend" is always trying to change you to fit their idea of what kind of person you should be, please leave that friend alone. If you notice that whenever you are around such friend you do terrible things that you would never have done, please I beg you flee from them before you end up with a messed up life.

PS: Your gut is always 80% of the time right. If your instinct is telling you that a particular person is not good for you or that a particular friend doesn't have your best interest at heart then please trust your instinct and CUT THEM OFF!!!!

For some strange reason I like keeping my fake friends around me because then I would be able to know their every move and prevent being back-stabbed by them. But if you are not as weird as I am and you just cant handle being around fake friend there is only one way to cut them off and that is by simply cutting off any form of communication with such person.

 I love when you comment. Do you have or have you had a fake friend in your life before? If yes, tell me all about it in the comment section

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  1. Hmmm...that means I won't have anyone around me oo. Cos I'm trying to learn how not to be antisocial and to actually tolerate people, while creating boundaries too. Anyways, am using these five to telescope those around me right now 👇😂

  2. Thanks for reading and commenting dear. Please telescope them very well because fake friends could ruin your life 😁

  3. I feel you should not hate fake fRiends try to keep everyone around,like you have said but think love for them and act love towards them because only Love can kill Hate Hate can’t kill Hate

    1. You are right. Only love can kill hate. You can't fight fire with fire


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