December 21, 2017

2017 was not the best year but one of the things that kept my going was good music. 
I became a fan of Nigerian music in 2013 right after I was out of secondary school while patiently waiting for ASUU to call off their strike so that I could enter the university. Before then I only listened to American music and I was and still am obsessed with Taylor swift’s music and Eminem’s rap.

All the songs on this list would be Nigerian songs because that was all I found myself vibing to this year while reading, bathing or sometimes sleeping.

Who else finds it hard to have their bath without listening to music?

In no particular order, here are my top seven songs of the year 2017

  •     Daddy yo by Wizkid:  This song makes no sense lyrically but there is just something about it that gives me hope. wizzy boy make me dance, daddy yo make me dance. I am dancing right now just thinking of this song. The video is also mad, the way they were dancing as if they were high on cocaine or something, it was just too energetic. I am not really a fan of wizkid I am more of a Davido fan (wizkid’s fans abeg don’t take it personal) but I found myself liking this song to the point that anytime it came on happiness would fill me from nowhere.

  •      Sofa by Kiss Daniel: kiss Daniel can do no wrong to my ears. He could literally release a song of him singing trash and it would still make the list. The first time I heard this song I was at a restaurant eating and it legit made the food more delicious. Somebody call the popo on Fiona, shawty be freaky in the eyes of beholder. One more wine and it’s over. I remember listening to this song while reading for my exams which I aced and I can’t help but think maybe it had something to do with this song. I really hope he releases more hits next year with all that is currently going on with him and his record label.

  • .Penalty by Small Doctor:  This song was my go to razz song. My sister and I would always start dancing like mad people anytime this song came out. I always wondered why he didn’t release another song after his scandal. Oh well, this song is cool and I listened to it anything I felt like dancing or anytime I missed my sister. If you no get money hide your face, you can call me small doctor, omo iya teacher eh eh, won ti gba penalty lo throwing.

  • .      Pino Pino by Phyno: This song came out late last year but I fell in love with it this year.  The first time I heard it, I cried a bit because of how much I loved it. It has this smooth and wavy sound. If ever I finally decide to learn Igbo, it would be because I want to be able to understand his music. Nwanyi oma ah, I’m ready for the night oh, I’m ready for tonight oh, come make I show you light oh. I would wake up singing this song partly because I loved it so much and mostly because I slept listening to it. 
  • Knack Am by Yemi Alade: I am not a fan of Yemi, matter of fact, I hate her music. Her lyrics are terrible, she repeats the same thing and not in a cool way like Wizkid did in Daddy yo and all her songs sound alike but I found myself liking this song. if my body dey dance, my head dey dance oh, hmmm, na him dey knack am, knack am. I guess I feel in love with this song because of a video of this pregnant woman who was dancing to the song on a treadmill in a really sexy way. The song is cool and the best song, in my opinion, that Yemi Alade has.
  • Fia by Davido:  I know I said in no particular order but I think I might have saved the best for last. Davido gave us hits back to back this year, from ’If’ to ‘fall’ to ‘Like dat’ then the almighty ‘fia’. I feel in love with this song at first listen. sukura kilo ko si o, suku shaker, I am shoe maker, caroline save your drama. I don’t need it for the soap opera. And I just learnt today that shuku shaker is a nickname for a type of heels that was worn in Nigeria by our mothers back in the days and so when Davido said Sukura kilo ko si o (Sukuru what do you want?) and then he said Shuku shaker, I am shoe maker, he was telling sukura that does she want that particular type of shoe because he is a shoe maker and he could make them for her.  This little fact made me love the song even more.

Thanks for reading. I would love to know the songs you vibed to this year, tell me about them in the comment section.

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