December 01, 2017

Hello my beautiful and handsome readers. Happy new month guys, it is the last month of 2017 and it is also my birthday month 💃💃!! 
Welcome back to my blog and if this is your first time on my blog you are welcome and I hope you enjoy my blog so much that you would want to subscribe.

First of, let me address the elephant in the room- my absence for so long. It’s been over two months since I last posted anything on the blog and this is because I have really occupied with school and life generally. I am currently in my final year in the university and as expected it’s been really hectic. But now I am back and ready to blog.

So straight to today’s blog post. We are all aware of the fact that Christmas is just around the corner and just four days after Christmas I would be leaving the teenage zone and becoming an adult. I am pretty psyched about turning 20; I literally cannot wait to be done with being 19. For real, 19 is a really weird and unsure age and whenever I am asked my age I always say 20 because 19 just sounded unsure.
So here is the wish list of an adult-to-be. And because Christmas day and my birthday are so close to each other I am going to make just one wish list for both of them.

Why am I compiling a wish list?  Well, it is honestly because of two reasons. Firstly, because I might have someone reading this who desperately (desperately is such a funny word😁😅)  wants to get me something for my 20th birthday which is on December 29th and doesn’t know what to get me, so this would serve as some kind of a guide to that lovely person or people. And secondly because a lot of people are doing it and I thought, what the heck!
So here are five things I would love to get on my birthday or for Christmas.
  •       A NEW PHONE: This is always number one on any list. I desperately need a new phone because I now have this newly found hatred for my current phone, the phone just annoys me and I don’t know why.  If there’s anyone currently reading this who wants to get me a new phone I would love to get an Iphone 6+ or an Iphone 7+. A plus (+) because I love big phones.

Why an Iphone? Well, because I am tired of Samsung products and Iphone cameras are always the bomb and I need to take more lit selfies in 2018. So anyone getting me an Iphone would not only make my birthday/Christmas but would also make my 2018.

  •       A DESIGNERS PERFUME: Smelling nice is a necessity for me. What’s the point of looking nice, wearing designer clothes, make up on fleek, if you don’t smell nice. So number two on my list is a designers perfume in particular the Giorgio Armani Si Perfume, I have read a lot of fantastic reviews about this perfume and I would love to smell like ‘heaven’ as one the reviewers expressed. 

  •   ARAMI: I know you are probably wondering what or who that is. Well, Arami is a natural skincare product line. They sell the most wonderful black soap (Onyx Body Polish) and the best and kind of only Glow oil I have tried on my skin. I have used their product once and I love the way it made my body feel. I am all for natural product nowadays because we only get one skin in this life so while harm it by bleaching or whitening it with harmful substances. So for anyone reading this and is moved to get me all the Arami products, the onxyx body polish, the glow oil, the hair and body food and most especially the glow scrub, I would love to that. You can contact Arami on Instagram @Aramiessentials

  •       MONEY: Well this is kind of funny because getting me the other things listed on my list requires money but just in case you don’t want to go through the stress of getting me a gift, you could always give me the good old fashioned money.

  •        PRAYERS: I can never underestimate the power of intercessory prayer. For another person to take time out of their busy schedule to kneel down and pray to God for me would really make my day. I would really appreciate this if someone reading this would pray for me (Good prayer oo) on my birthday.
  Do you have a wishlist, things you would love to get this Christmas or if your birthday is in December as mine is, on your birthday? please share in the comment section alongside your Instagram or twitter handle, I or anybody reading this might also be moved to get it for you. we all just have to be hopeful, 

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