December 23, 2017

Hey guys, welcome back to my blog. It’s good to have you back and if you are joining us for the first time, welcome and I hope you enjoy my blog.

As we all know, the harmattan season is upon us again, the weather is dryer than usual, we are having this constant never ending thirst and the constant itching of the eyes due to the dust.

Well, today I am going to be sharing with you all, five ways to cope during this harmattan season so as to avoid the side effects of harmattan like;
  • ·         Dry skin
  • ·         Dry, broken and sometimes bleeding lips
  •        Breakage of hair
  • ·         Dehydration
  • ·         Cough and catarrh etc.

So because of how much I love everyone reading this and how I don’t want all these evil side effect to happen to you all, here are five tips that if you abide by, this harmattan will have nothing on you.

1.      The first thing you would have to do this harmattan season to avoid having any of the side effects caused by the weather is to Drink Lots of Water. If you are like me who doesn’t like drinking water then this might prove to be a bit difficult for you, but we just have to suck it up and drink water because right now we need it to stay hydrated in this dry weather.
Can I take carbonated drinks like coke or Fanta instead of water? No you can’t. water helps you stay hydrated longer than carbonated drinks. You can still have your occasional Pepsi once in a while but drink more water during this period.

2.      Always keep your skin and lips hydrated with oily creams and Vaseline. Shea butter is also really good during this period.  Right now I am currently using The Arami Glow Oil. I got to know about this product from Instagram. The product is just wonderful and it keeps my skin hydrated all day. It cost just 2,500 Naira and it smells heavenly, like bubble gum. Click here for the link to their website.

3.      Take hot baths especially in the morning to fully wake you and to keep your skin smooth.

4.      You know that awesome and really expensive shades you bought way back and still haven’t found the right time to rock it, well, I am pleased to tell you that now is the time. Because of the dryness of the weather, there’s going to be a lot of dust flying around and you don’t want that entering your precious eyes. So before you leave the house always remember to take your shades and rock it like you just bought it yesterday.

5.      So this last tip is for people who have asthma or any respiratory condition, please endeavor to always carry your inhaler wherever you are going. If it is possible to put it on that rope used to hang I.D cards on the neck (I have no idea what it is called), please do that so that you could always have it with you. And always take a cardigan and a handkerchief with you even though it doesn’t look like you would use them. prevention is better than cure.

Thanks for reading. Are there some other things you do during the harmattan season that helps you get by, please share with me and other readers in the comment section. 

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